Battlefield 2 profile not updating

31-Oct-2015 02:58 by pum4p00n4g3 10 Comments

Battlefield 2 profile not updating - Sex Chat

After a clean install of Windows 7 onto a spare machine over the weekend and using the excellent Everything search tool I have found that profile details have also been saved in: I was already running it under "XPSP3" Compatability and setting it to XPSP2 lead it to crashing after clicking "Start Singleplayer" in the bottom right rather the the "Singleplayer" button along the top (so a little bit further than before").

I can then copy the "Battlefield 2" folder created in that accounts documents and place it in My Documents which removes the error show above, but when I try to start a mulitplayer or singleplayer game the game crashes with a black screen back to the desktop.It seems to be a fairly common problem and I have found many references in EA and other forums, although no definitive answer (and the appearance of the evil "I found what the problem was but I'm not going to post it here").Is there a way, using symlinks or junction points in Windows 7 to get this to work? The computer is more than capable of running the game.I've thought about manually creating a "My Documents" Folder on the C:\ drive but am unsure if this will work. I've checked the registry settings and while there is a "Install Dir" entry which points to the correct place there are no settings that detail a user profile.For some reason, whenever I use the Thompson it will not record any stats for it. I'm still sitting at 0 kills and 0 time used but I've used it in at least 10 matches.All other guns I've used during that time have updated.

I think this is down to the fact my documents area is stored on my home server, instead of the C:\Users\%username%\Battlefield 2 expected location.

If I start the game on a local (i.e no network documents) account I can start and play the game fine, creating a local account.

As an interesting note, it's possible to copy your Battlefield 2 folder to a USB/Portable Hard disk and run it from that (although it's slow to start up initially).

Using a network share or drive mappings makes no difference (eg \filesvr\tom$\My Docs or N:\My Docs).

Even changing it to a different partition on the same computers disk gives grief.

There is a folder created in the Battlefield 2 root directory with the name of my file server and some profile settings created in that.

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