Asp net calendar not updating

26-Oct-2015 06:29 by hg1200 10 Comments

Asp net calendar not updating - Free Online

/*Ajax updatepanel will help us to avoid full postback of the page i.e., avoid refresh of the whole page content with postback and stop * flickering of the page which is associated with a postback and allows only partial postbacks.

To Long Time String(); } catch (Exception error) { Response. Message); } } } //on click of the button(update panel 1) update both the panels public void btn Panel1_Click(Object sender, Event Args e) { lbl Panel1. To Long Time String(); } //on click of the button(update both panels) update both the panels public void btn Panel Both_Click(Object sender, Event Args e) { lbl Panel1. To Long Time String(); } .button { border-radius:4px 4px 4px 4px; height:30px; padding:5px; font-size:14px; background-color:#6ca21e; color:#FFFFFF; width:250px; } body { background-color:#32373a; color:#FFFFFF; } fieldset { width:120px; } . I could imagine it has something to do with the ID of the newly created event. The Create-Method: Hello Dirk, Indeed this will happen if the ID of the created event remains the same as the default ID (which is 0 by default). ID is properly set to a non-zero value before returned as Json()? The problem is that when I want to edit an event I just created (for example lengthen the event in the week view) the scheduler calls the Create-Method and not the Update-Method.Regards, Atanas Korchev Telerik Hi, I checked the POST and Response-Data again. I did not see that an error was silently given back saying that the field ID is required.

Is it possible to set a default value for the ID of a new event?

Because now a null value is posted which translates to a Guid.

control to a master page, by default partial-page updates are enabled for all content pages.

If do not want to enable partial updates for an individual content page, you can disable that capability.

You might do this is if your content page contains custom controls that are not compatible with partial-page updates. To disable partial-page rendering for an individual content page whose master page has partial-page rendering enabled, programmatically disable partial-page rendering for the content page.

It all works ok on the DOM and the textbox gets updated with the new date BUT when I try to get the value in code behind i.e. Text it still has the original value set on Page_Load. EDIT: Text Box set originally in Page_Load (yes contained in if(!

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