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Instead of row kind of style editing like the How would you get programmatic access to items in the Edit Item Template?

I need to set focus a control in there and I can't seem to find a handle to controls in that template.

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To configure the Data Source control to handle insert, update and delete click “Advanced...” button. Click “Configure List View...” option as seen in the above figure to choose the display Layout for the List View.

Choose a display layout, I have selected “Grid” in our example, as seen in the below figure. Drag a List View control inside a webform as we did in previous section. Also, this is a great resource for people coming into the list view. Is Post Back) in the datapaging prerender or you may get this error The control collection cannot be modified during Data Bind, Init, Load, Pre Render or Unload phases.

Your code can handle this event but your code cannot raise it.

It would make more sense just to create a method that does the updating rather than try and raise an event which you are going to handle in a method anyways.

In Grid View, the Edit/Update/Delete feature is an inbuilt one and can be achieved without writing a line of code with the help of Data Source controls.