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Dear Guys, My guy and I are taking a break after one-and-a-half years together due to me constantly having insecurity issues. So my question is: Will surprising my ex with a threesome prove to him I’m not insecure and help us get back together? If not for us, then for yourself.) That said, his drunk messaging, and excuses about not being able to talk—except when drunk—seem to point to a […] Get the Guy's Perspective... Select the Ask a Private Question option on our site and book your conversation.It’s both of our fantasies and I want to prove to him I have changed and I’m not insecure any longer. ) The point is, while we doubt he’ll turn down a threesome, this won’t necessarily fix everything that’s broken […] Get the Guy's Perspective... Read the testimonials on our Relationship Coaching/Advice page to see what clients say about us. I have been hooking up (friends with benefits) with my best guy friend for the last four months.Sure, you don’t want to be talking marriage/children/future on the first few dates, but you also don’t want the relationship to progress towards the physical (aka sex) without any sort of conversation about his emotional investment. Sometimes you can push a guy away, or scare them away if you make things too difficult for them.

He apologized immediately and many times over but this affected me deeply.

He said that her name was brought up by me the day before and that’s why he used it. I had called about obtaining health insurance and he had used this company in the past and his closest relative and emergency contact listed was her, so I asked him about it.) I’d be lying if I didn’t add that I was very irritated when she somehow impacted my right to obtain a policy with him.

Dear Guys, So my boyfriend and I were together for 4 and a half years, broke up, and are now back together, going on strong for almost a year again now. Look, we know you trust him NOT to cheat on you, but […] Get the Guy's Perspective... Basically, what you’re trying to do is keep the guy interested by […] Get the Guy's Perspective... If your guy tells you he doesn’t want a relationship with you but then tries to have sex with you, then all he wants is sex. Meaning, guys pretty much know right away what sort of potential they see in a woman.

He is going on a trip with two female friends–one of which I am pretty sure has a thing for him–to one of my bucket-list cities, New York, during my FAVORITE time of the year, Christmas. Hey Guys, So, I’ve known this girl for about seven years now and we live in different countries—not too far mind you, only about 10 hours from each other. First, we’ll start with your photos, since most of your online success starts with your photos. Dear Guys, So my LDR boyfriend and I are on and off. Has he done something to make you not trust him or are you not a trusting person in general? As you might imagine, you ask 100 guys this question and you’ll likely get 100 different answers. Some guys like outgoing women, some like shy women, some like funny women, smart women, demure women, aggressive women, the list goes on. Dear Guys, When a guy tells you he doesn’t want a relationship but then tries to have sex with you, is it just because he wants sex or does he actually like you but still doesn’t want a realtionship? It’s rare for a guy to go from not being interested in a relationship to wanting a relationship even if this sex is amazing. When a guy wants sex he’ll do or say anything to get laid.

In the last few months I’ve started having more romantic feelings towards her, but I’m just not sure if it’s reciprocated. Get the Guy’s Perspective on your Online Dating Profile/Presence. If you’re not having the sort of online dating success you were hoping for, hire THE GUYS to take a look at your online profile. He said he’d love to spend his life with me and since he said that he hasn’t been active on the dating site at least so far. What is it that guys find attractive in regards to appearance? Furthermore, what do guys find attractive in regards to personality? We had a pretty okay sex life up to the end of our honeymoon.