Appropriate age difference for dating formula

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Appropriate age difference for dating formula - Online sex

With summer now in full swing (in the northern hemisphere, at least), romance is undoubtedly in the air.The longer days are perfect for evening walks on the beach, dinner by sunset, or the always romantic late-afternoon pie eating contest.

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One of the most well-known rules of thumb is the half-your-age plus seven rule.(If you’re a teacher looking for an introduction to inverse functions, look no further!) These two inequalities determine regions in the plane, and by considering them simultaneously they tell us that you shouldn’t date someone who is younger than half your age plus seven years, or older than twice your age minus fourteen years.If we graph this region in the plane, we find the following acceptable region of ages for you to date: Graph of the feasible dating region.The black line represents your age as a function of time (increasing at a rate of one year per year).This rule tries to quantify the intuitive idea that if you are dating someone younger than you, they should not be TOO much younger than you.

Specifically, the rule says: Originally, this rule was conceived of as a means to compute a wife’s ideal age compared to her husband (namely, half his age plus seven).

It has since evolved, however, to provide a rule of thumb for the largest age gap a relationship can withstand before it is considered perhaps a bit creepy. By way of example, if you’re 20, you shouldn’t date someone younger than 17, and good luck dating someone under 22 if you’re 30 or above.

Mathematically, we can express the rule as follows: if we let – 14.

The blue region shows the range of acceptable ages for you to date at a particular point in time.

For example, when you are 14, it is only acceptable to date 14 year olds.

When you’re 20, you can date people between the ages of 17 and 26.

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