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There was one woman on the site that I was interested in.I joined the site for the one month charge of .95.

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I told them that would not work and was going to tell my Debit Card Bank to cancel their total charge based on fraud and suddenly they could refund my $30 directly from their site. So then I started a search within 100 miles of my town and came up with 50 profiles or so that interested me.

This made me realize they do not use a company like ccbill or other neutral sites to charge membership fees. I knew if was a scam when most of these women were supposedly located in very small towns close to me.

I've had some luck in the last 6 months with a site called so decided to double down and grab a membership with XDating.

My mates recommended it as its super busy with plenty of hot chicks so im giving it my best shot.

Its got everything you need / expect so if you stay in an area where there are a good amount of matches for you to flick through then id say give it a try. They charged my card to what's called an up grade and I never approved it or did it myself. I only wanted a 3day trial and before the 3 days come around they already charged 21.99 to my card.