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When I pray or study scriptures, I am more patient, more loving and more kind. Yes, some things are personality traits, habits you’ve developed over the years.Until I meet my mate, I can strive to be the Proverbs 31 woman. But if you examine yourself, there may be negative behaviors you can work on. Love Me First In order to love someone else, I love myself first.

There are a lot more details to the story, but I won’t reveal too much information, because like I said, he is a cool person. In a reflective New Year’s Eve mood, I came up with dating resolutions to lead to marriage.I didn’t write a long list of what I was doing wrong as that could lead to depression,,, not empowerment. We often look for a potential mate to possess a long list of qualities when we should first look within to make sure we’re marriage material. Become Spiritually Strong Most of my friends and family members who have strong marriages also have strong spiritual foundations.God is at the center of their union, which anchors their marriage when a storm hits.Having a close relationship with God allows me to have close relationships with others. Although people don’t usually change, they can improve.After all, this was one of the first people I went out with after breaking up with my daughter’s dad.I followed their advice for the first few weeks, but as time ticked on, I started to set expectations and seek substance.

It’s hard to “keep it casual” when humans and feelings are involved. So I told him I didn’t think we should pursue anything further.

I didn’t see this man as “marriage material,” but I still expected him to act like a future husband or perhaps just a boyfriend. Nonetheless, I wanted him to be something, someone he wasn’t. He said he was sorry I felt that way and wished me good luck–but not in a do well way, rather a good luck searching for someone in the club way.

Recently, I made a resolution to break up with someone. He said we were dating, but our relationship didn’t exactly fit the definition.

He was friendly, funny and fine, but beyond that, I didn’t think we had much in common.

And for the first time, I lowered my expectations to avoid loneliness during the holidays.

My friends encouraged me to “keep it casual” and “have fun”.

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