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Wright Mills; the Cuban missile crisis; the Weather Underground; the assassination of JFK; the strong historical links between Cuba and Africa; the Carter era; the Clinton era; the Cuban Five; Elián González; and the December 17, 2014 declaration of normalization by presidents Obama and Castro.Hayden puts the present moment into historical context, and shows how we’re finally finding common ground to the advantage of Cubans and Americans alike.

You're not alone: American travelers' interest in Cuba, with its vibrant culture and stuck-in-time mystique, is rising rapidly, with almost everybody wanting to get there before Starbucks and Mc Donald's does.offers fresh insight into one of history’s most enigmatic relationships between nations. , Tom Hayden gives us two countries that share much more than a fifty-five-year disagreement.He writes both as an observer of Cuba and as a US revolutionary student leader telling his own story, someone whose efforts to mobilize political change in the US mirrored the radical transformation simultaneously going on in Cuba.His astute observations are often dazzling and always based on his years of research and special access to key figures.Chapters are devoted to the writings of Che Guevara, Régis Debray, and C.And it's a no-brainer that with its Caribbean location and ample coastline, this island nation is perfectly primed for a port-hopping cruise vacation.

Happily, sailing options in Cuba opened up to Americans recently, via a special "people-to-people" program aimed at promoting cultural and educational exchanges. companies have been plying Cuban waters for some time, Americans still aren't allowed on any cruise line operating there that doesn't afford travelers an approved people-to-people experience (like MSC Cruises, for instance).

And while the embargo on leisure travel to Cuba is not yet fully lifted, a broad variety of escorted tours—many of which are based from cruise ships—are now being offered by companies that can meet the government requirements on your behalf. So, for the time being, you'll still be restricted to a few small-ship cruise lines/tour operators that are licensed to meet the legal requirements for escorting American travelers.

Accordingly, keep in mind that this won't be like any other cruise where you can hop on and off at explore ports at will: Your schedule will instead be packed with mandatory guided excursions.

How long before mainstream-style cruising will be offered to Cuba remains to be seen, and many challenges with Cuban infrastructure, port facilities, and bureaucracy lie in wait.

But what's certain is that with the country's proximity to dozens of existing cruise operators based out of Florida and within the Caribbean, once the go-ahead is given, the Cuba cruising options will be available by the boatload.

In the meantime, here are four reputable companies that will get you sailing to Cuba this year.

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