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So in this case 'meantone' is really 'quarter-comma meantone', i.e. (entry amended by Susan Mielke)the term is also used to describe music that observes the note lengths indicated by the proportional notation (for example, cantus mensuratu), as opposed to music that is 'unmeasured', for example, plainchantthe rest that is equivalent to the note indicated by the lower number in the standard time signature, thus for the time signature 3/4 the measure note is the crotchet (quarter note), therefore the measure rest is a crotchet rest (quarter rest)on an organ, the keys are connected to trackers which eventually connect to the valves that control the movement of air from the wind chest into the pipe.(81/80)in American usage, what in the UK we call a bar, the portion of music lying between two consecutive bar-lines (in American usage, bars). By pressing the key, the player is opening the valve in the wind chest.

These larger instruments are usually fairground organs, band organs, carousel organs, calliopes or orchestrionspaper made from wood that is ground down into a pulp.

This type of fibre forms weak bonds and is used in paper made for temporary use such as newsprint.

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A term commonly used to cover this family is 'barrel-organ' although from the invention by Anselme Gavioli in 1892 of the pneumatic reader, the 'barrel' or cylinder was gradually replaced and these new instruments were called book-organs.