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C-14 is produced when high-energy particles from solar radiation hit the earth’s atmosphere and make the unstable element called C-14.

As time goes by, this C-14 slowly changes back to stable atoms.

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As we will see, this method clearly can give erroneous dates for strata. They found that living freshwater mollusks give anomalous dates of up to 3,000 years old.

Even the method used for dating a sample can lead to dramatic changes in dates for an item. Anderson discussed the results of their studies from the Meramec River in Missouri (“Radiocarbon Dating: Fictitious Results With Mollusk Shells,” Vol. This is caused by the absorption of C-14 from ancient plant remains in humus.

explained that a different dating method for C-14 indicated the oldest Maya civilization was not nearly as old as earlier data had indicated. Radiometric dating methods are referred to as “absolute” dating, but that doesn’t mean the dates they arrive at are necessarily certain. When fossil A is found in rock strata below a rock layer containing fossil B, fossil A can generally be dated as older, relative to fossil B. But relative dating doesn’t yield actual age; that is what absolute dating attempts to do. Here we find that the environment can seriously affect the amount of C-14 found in living creatures.

The article states: “The remains of a woman found below a layered platform called Cuello in northern Belize had been thought to be more than 4,000 years old. As a result of new dating methods, about a thousand years have been trimmed from the chronology” (“Oldest Known Maya: Not Quite So Old,” Nov. “Absolute dating complements relative dating by providing a specific ( M. “Radiocarbon: Ages in Error,” an article by Robert E.

Yet when you look into the technical papers on these discoveries, you find that these dates are often questionable and are sometimes clearly in error.

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