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XXX websites by third parties." All of ICM's counterclaims were dismissed in the second half of February 2013.

The No on Measure B campaign was supported by the Los Angeles County Federation of Republican Women, Los Angeles County Republican and Libertarian Parties, the Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA), and the Log Cabin Republicans of Los Angeles.

n the past week, two events have convinced me that something is amiss with modern culture today: Tory MP Brooks Newmark’s exposure in a Sunday Mirror splash for sending lewd photos of himself to an imaginary tweeter, and the You Tube of porn, Pornhub, launching its own record label. For in Newmark’s humiliation and the inevitable annexing of the music biz by the porn industry, something became clear.

Sex today is everywhere, it’s seeping into all corners of public and cultural life, and it’s pretty messed up.

While Newmark’s sexting was undoubtedly humiliating, he’s managed to avoid the scorn of the commentariat.

and various of its own senior officers and stakeholders.