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This live chat software gives people the opportunity to chat with their customers while they’re visiting the website in order to provide help and support; it also allows companies to track, monitor and communicate with their website visitors in real-time, another service is that you can check the origin of the visitor and the keywords they had used to arrive to your website.

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If you feel good after the 14 days free-trial, you can go ahead and register to one of their plans, whose prices can go from 9.95 USD to more than 39.95 USD per month.

This is an unique among live chat software services as it incorporates features such as live visitor monitoring, live chat history, IP tracking, and customizable chat windows, but routes all chats directly to each operator’s Google Talk account.

Other services include sending offline messages and hiding, complete visual customization, easy integration with your website, international support and analyze your visitors’ statistics in real time.

See more information about Olark at Chatterous is live chat software that can be used from the web, IM, email or even the phone.

On this roundup we will be studying some of the essential chat services (free and not) that can be implemented in your web page, we will consider different aspects, including price, quality and difficulty of use, we hope you enjoy this article. The Sales Syntax powered chat is a PHP programmed service that at no cost can be installed in an external website.