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Plenty of people have this in their Neoboard signatures or on their lookups and it's nice when people call you by your name rather than soccerkadoat43211231. Anything that can personally identify you is not allowed for your safety. This will require you to download a program which may contain a keylogger or a Trojan. You will find no sympathy from us if you lose your account as a result of visiting outside sites promising easy ways to earn Neopoints.

*Scams - Selling Secrets: Cheating is not allowed, and there are no quick and easy ways to get rich. When someone is caught breaking the rules, the site monitors can freeze every one of that player's accounts, depending on the offense committed and the player's prior conduct.

When we find someone selling Neopoints, we freeze the seller's accounts and all the accounts of anyone who has purchased the Neopoints. If we detect this, we will either freeze all the players involved in the conspiracy or delete all the items they are hoarding. I recently got a warning for putting a picture of myself on my user page. We want a safe site and that is why we do not allow anyone to share any of this personally identifiable information. Without having Lawyerbot explain the exact details of the law, Neopets continues to have rights in any player's artwork that is based upon any of the Neopets artwork, characters, etc. Neopets will never ask for your password, and you should never give your password to anyone.