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However, "Navigating the One Night Stand" takes this a step further However, this will do little to undo the damage to their reputation.


There was more, but quite frankly our glasses fogged up and we couldn't follow it - let alone the actual research paper, which presumably requires a heart checkup before reading.

We did wonder, though, just why the keen interest in young sorority girls (yet again) on the part of the investigating psychologists.

In 2011, he faced an internal review at the London School of Economics and Political Science after publishing an article with claiming black women were less attractive.

The article included unsupported scientific evidence. He later apologized and was allowed to keep his job. Still, it might lend some evolutionary context to the reason Kary Perry kissed a girl and liked the taste of her cherry Chap Stick so much.

e Harmony can make amends by issuing a full retraction, an apology and an explanation of how this occurred.