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Then he worked at the The Gaiety Theatre (Gaiety Male Burlesque) in NYC which closed in 2005. His solo videos are on Monster Cock and all over the internet.Usually they had 8 to 12 guys, including one big name porn star. Then they disappeared backstage and came back out naked and hard. Here's a link to one of his videos that also contains photos: to enlarge* No Myth is a young handsome gay black Jamaican porn star. In fuck scenes he often screams and cries every time he tries to put it all in. Here is a free link to a No Myth video: to enlarge* O. Johnson was a gay black American porn actor from the Dominican Republic working in the 1980's and 1990's.

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He was also a model for Inches, Honcho, Manshots, and Advocate Men magazines. His films include: "All Girls Do It", "Amazing Omar's Triumphs 28: Arse-all Force", "Aphrodiziac", "Babes With No Limits 2", "Netmeeting", "Omar's Fat Bird Frenzy", "One Eyed Jack's Backdoor Raiders", and "Paolina Venere Imperiale". Here is a free link to a long Omar Williams compilation video: I'm English. The next day I shot for Rocco and then the following day for Ben Dover.

Yes, I shot for four of the top directors in my first week in the business.

The second song was usually slow and they meandered seductively around the stage collecting tips left for them on the stage. After they were done they hung out in the room next door and hustled. His very thick uncut cock is about 9 inches long and has much overhang with a pointed end. He was a top, 5' 11" tall and claimed his uncut dick is 12 inches long, although it looks like 9 inches. His other names are Roberto, Sidney Street, Big Willy, Omar Marcovich, Big Omar, Omar, and Sydney Street.

Johnson was a beefy stud and Falcon Studios star in the pre-condom era who only appeared in a few films such as "The Other Side of Aspen 2", "Best Of Leo Ford vs Kurt Marshall", and "Night Flight". Johnson video: Omar Williams is a black straight porn star born on November 27, 1968 in Northampton, England. He began working in 1996 for Harmony Films, Pleasure Productions, Sensational Video, and others. I did my first with a woman named Helen Duvall, then my second three days later for John Stagliano.

zx=3f9916c683b80936This is Part 3 of the Guide to Big Dick Porn Stars.