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He had one previous experience where he got sucked-off by a guy, and he ejaculated from that, so for him it was more about doing it on camera.

This video definitely feels like a First Time event, though thankfully he is not just sitting there watching the porn.

Of Nigerian descent but born in New Jersey Rotimi also works as a model for rapper T. Recently a series of dick pics apparently sent via Snapchat are being attributed to the 28yo singer-songwriter.

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He sneaks an occasional peek at it, but overall, he is present and watching Kodi work his cock.

Getting rimmed was his most awkward moment, especially with Kodi’s beard tickling him.

And Calvin Banks is no exception to the rule; a former top turned bottom who wants nothing more than to please and be pleased.

Continue with “Cocky Boys: Snow Day with Justin Matthews & Calvin Banks” A New Order encouraging divisons and hate crimes forced part of Humanity to depart to the planet Ultron, leaving only fantasies of their loved ones…

I’m not sure how he’s become so good at pulling this off, but this time he’s submitted some pretty fucking hot footage of himself with a guy named Rick Michaels.

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