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For two years, she has managed to evade 10 extradition proceedings, claiming that she faces panic attacks whenever scheduled court dates arise and that she is too unwell to attend court.

On Thursday, a long-awaited report from the district psychiatrist agreed she was mentally unwell and Judge Amnon Cohen ruled she would not face an extradition hearing until she had completed psychiatric treatment that could go on for years.

The group complained that same sex couples were forced to go through a seven-year waiting period before the state would give its recognition.

For heterosexual couples, the transition period lasts four years, resulting in the foreign partner receiving full citizenship.

Zeddy Lawrence, editor of Australian Jewish News, said his community should not have double standards when it comes to extradition."We still campaign to get Nazi war criminals brought to justice and they're often cases where somebody is accused of committing war crimes where people will say, or their families will say, or defenders will say: 'They're too, old they're too frail, they're too ill, what's the point after all this time?