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Holding Out Hope: The Washington Post profiles the Razmus family of Corbin, Ky., this week, in what they call the “first in an occasional series of stories dropping in on families in the first year of a new presidency, and at a time of societal change.”The Razmuses — Suzie, Greg and their three sons — are a middle-class family, small-business owners and supporters of President Trump. So was everything else.“Oh, that’s not your correct address? I’ve never lived at that address.” “Oh, well would you like to provide the correct one? I would not.”And he became ever more angry and impatient.“This is very serious!

The feature follows them through their process of choosing Trump as their candidate all the way up to attending the inauguration. Questions seem to be the easiest way to get to the bottom of things quickly.

He then makes a note of the section, row and seat number and once he gets to the ground, he asks an usher where a particular section is before they look at his ticket. 'I also have a screen shot of my seat of choice on my phone in case they want to see something.

A lot people have digital tickets on the phone so its not unusual.

He’d send emails to his targets pretending to be from service providers or other agencies seeking account and password information.