haha) Anyways on to the reveal of the after pictures… daily and weekly updates of our new arrivals, links to our social media outlets, reviews of our brands and styles and of course keep up to date with our blog that we will be sharing our favorite items, brands, ideas, gifts, beauty secrets, and get connected with the store you’ve grown to love via online!!

but first, Jourdan not only folded each and every piece of clothing with a folding board but also color coated the closet. We thank each and everyone of your for being such loyal customers at Cha Ladue and Cha Columbia and now online!!

Organizing and Cleaning house ( or closet in this instance!

) Jourdan Fenster of Hangers and Heels honestly was my life saver.

For your reference, the book entries under “A” and some of the ones under “B” are on the site