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I can't understand how many can let any man sleep with them when it's like everytime that happens, it's like they're taking a piece of you with them.

im going to be 18 in january, and yes im still a virgini know most guys would find me weird or whatever, but i dont happy being a virgin, and im not planning on losing it anytime rather lose it to someone im going to spend my life with, than in a "one night stand...

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I'm planning on saving myself for marriage, I have a purity ring, and none of this is important at all... I don't let myself get in the position where my virginity is endangered. Ally I used to worry about being so old and still being a virgin. Sometimes I am really sad about it, but most of the time I wouldn't have it any other way.

In a way, I still have a naive romantic side to me, waiting for my (old...

Most people stumbling upon Tania’s generous offer and appealing image — chaste or no — don’t realize the Internet needs defending.

When it comes to Net neutrality, the average everyday Facebook-posting-e Bay-bidding-chat-room-trolling-Google-stalking-porn-downloading Joe or Josephine doesn’t even know what Net neutrality is, let alone care.

But as many a virgin’s learned from Captain Kirk, prime directives are easily and often broken. “Net neutrality is paramount to safeguard free speech and innovation on the Internet,” Tania's statement continues. Now it's time to obtain our freedom with love.” This isn’t the first time I Power’s spokeskitten has offered sexual access for activism, and the way it’s gone in the past, don’t bank on her actually doing anyone any favors. The non-act was later “completed” via a video in which Tania’s “assistant” mimed the gesture to a camera lens.