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And she's the proud mom of Gigi and Bella Hadid—both of whom are currently taking the modeling world by storm and have mastered the art of staying true to themselves and totally down to earth.That's pretty unusual when you're so young and thrust into the limelight, but Yolanda would never let them behave any other way.And if things break down, I'm here to catch them.

And now at a later point of life, I can sit back and trust that I've given them the foundation they need to be independent young women.

I'm just on the sidelines watching and cheering them on.

Read on as Yolanda opens up how she raised her girls to be the "next big thing" while making sure they would never lose themselves in the process.

Yolanda Foster: Well, I think that when you choose to have children you must invest the time.

She got sick a few years ago, and I had to pull her off the horses because I was just worried that she was going to get in a bad accident and it would be deadly.

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