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In the past few years, I’ve heard from at least three exes who wanted to be my Facebook friend or found my website and e-mailed me out of the blue.

And while it's tempting to accept these friend requests, or to fire back a quick “of course I remember you” e-mail, I haven’t done so. And in those rare instances where I have accepted an ex as a Facebook friend, or written back, I’ve informed my wife and let her read every correspondence.

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It often just happens, usually as a friendly relationship snowballs into something more meaningful.

A common myth is that only people in unhappy relationships have emotional affairs.

But you can get some of the same benefits from a story where a character wrongly believes that adultery is going on.

While the movie "The Social Network" may be Oscar history, Facebook is creating real-life dramas that lead to anything but Hollywood happy endings.

This artificial sense of intimacy can begin to consume a person’s thoughts, which becomes all the more exciting because it’s a secret.

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    There was no real guidance or help on how to figure this out.” There was also a feeling of hopelessness around wanting to express himself and be understood, but not being able to do that because of his lack of education.