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Im posting my First sex chat, me: hi me: aunty rranjani_79: hi rranjani_79: asl me: 24 M bangalore me: hi aunty rranjani_79: hi me: dnt mistake me: me rranjani_79: y? rranjani_79: ethuku sry me: illa..ungala impress panna try panra mathiri thnuthu rranjani_79: na la impress agamatean me: neega epudi irupeenga rranjani_79: i know my limit me: hmm...nalla aunty rranjani_79: hmm me: neenga normal ah...saree katu veengala....chudidaraaaa rranjani_79: saree tha me: super aunty...ennaku saree na romba pudikum rranjani_79: oh hmm me: nalla reply me: rranjani_79: veara ena reply panrathu me: neenga low hip poduveengala rranjani_79: therila normal a tha katuvean rranjani_79: y me: low hip theriyatha rranjani_79: normla tha katuvean me: illa..saree ah.thopul kila katuveengala...illaya rranjani_79: ama me: super aunty..than low hip... rranjani_79: ena doubt me: child birth ku aparam....thopul la marks vilunthiri=ucha rranjani_79: ama but ipo ila me: thopula matum than vilunthucha.tighslayuma me: epudi unga thopula marks pochu rranjani_79: athuva poachu rranjani_79: veara peasalam me: oh sry aunty me: neenga pesunga me: nan peasna..epadi tha irukum rranjani_79: work epdi poaguthu me: hmm..nalla poguthu rranjani_79: hmm good me: unga photo one anupungala.rranjani_79: no way me: ok sry rranjani_79: I dont share me: hmm rranjani_79: un photo iruka me: no way me: i dont share rranjani_79: ha ha ha me: neenga send panunga ..nanum panrean me: nan onum panna matean rranjani_79: ok veanam me: hugly confidential rranjani_79: paravaila veanam me: plz aunty rranjani_79: nope me: hmm..ponga me: neenga facebook la irukeengala rranjani_79: illa me: unga kitta cam iruka rranjani_79: illa me: hmm rranjani_79: unta iruka me: enna pakanuma me: hmm rranjani_79: hmm ur wish me: venam rranjani_79: hmm ok me: i like u aunty me: ungala en frnd ah add panitean me: accept pannunga me: aunty me: thr?

me: i wanna have sex with aunty rranjani_79: what is this rranjani_79: dont talk to me like this me: ok im sry me: im sry rranjani_79: ok no pblm. me: i belong to chennai me: wher u from rranjani_79: madurai me: gud.. me: wanna c me me: aunty me: waiting 4 u me: aunty me: poonga me: nan ungaluku cam kamichen me: hi aunty me: h r u rranjani_79: fine me: enna panreenga me: aunty me: thungalaya rranjani_79: thukam varala me: yen aunty? rranjani_79: chennai poirkaru me: oh..va..than thukam varalaya me: rranjani_79: po lusu me: hehehe..aunty vekama..super rranjani_79: ila chuma tha me: hmmm..varuvaru me: miss panreengala me: ?

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