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Australia's system is inherited from the UK whereas the US one grew out of its 1789 Constitution.

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The first author chat in our series of three is with award-winning author Morris Gleitzman English 5,6,7,8,9,10 event ABC Splash is partnering with the Centre for Youth Literature at the State Library Victoria to let you chat with some of Australia's finest children's authors!

The second author chat in our series of three is with author and illustrator Rebecca Lim.

Consider some claims and evidence about food production.

Investigate what can be done to feed the world of tomorrow, and how it might best be accomplished. Science 6,7,8,9 link What do kids want to know about the universe?

This resource is organised into three themes: Australia: a diverse population (suitable for year 6) Australia's demographics (suitable for year 8) Human wellbeing (suitable for year 10) Geography 6,8,10 resource Can you strike it rich in the gold fields of Australia?