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4gb usb 2 0 hi speed dating - Adult Chat Rooms

In fact, it's the exact same speed as the real 4GB Sandisk Cruzer Micro I have which is why I bought this. window.$Nav && $Nav.when("data").run(function(data) { data({"shop All Content":{"template":{"name":"item List","data":{"items":[{"text":"Amazon Video","panel Key":"Instant Video Panel"},{"text":"Digital & Prime Music","panel Key":"Digital Music Panel"},{"text":"Appstore for Android","panel Key":"Android Panel"},{"text":"Amazon Photos & Drive","panel Key":"Cloud Drive Panel"},{"text":"Kindle E-readers & Books","panel Key":"Kindle Reader Panel"},{"text":"Fire Tablets","panel Key":"Kindle Fire Tablet Panel"},{"text":"Fire TV","panel Key":"Fire Tv Panel"},{"text":"Echo & Alexa","panel Key":"Kindle Amazon Echo Panel"},{"text":"Books & Audible","divider Before":"1","panel Key":"Books Panel"},{"text":"Movies, Music & Games","panel Key":"Movies Music Games Panel"},{"text":"Electronics & Computers","panel Key":"Electronics Computers Panel"},{"text":"Home, Garden & Tools","panel Key":"Home Garden Tools Panel"},{"text":"Beauty, Health & Grocery","panel Key":"Grocery Health Beauty Panel"},{"text":"Toys, Kids & Baby","panel Key":"Toys Kids Baby Panel"},{"text":"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry","panel Key":"Clothing Shoes Jewelry Panel"},{"text":"Sports & Outdoors","panel Key":"Sports Outdoors T1Panel"},{"text":"Automotive & Industrial","panel Key":"Automotive Industrial Panel"},{"text":"Handmade","divider Before":"1","panel Key":"Handmade Panel"},{"text":"Home Services","panel Key":"Home Services Panel"},{"text":"Credit & Payment Products","panel Key":"Credit Panel"},{"text":"Full Store Directory","decorate":"carat","url":"/gp/site-directory/ref=nav_shopall_fullstore/190-1842931-9831814"}]}},"url":"/stream/ref=sd_airstream","wl Triggers":"520036"},"Kindle Reader Panel":{"promo ID":"nav-sa-kindle-reader","template":{"name":"item List","data":{"text":"Kindle E-readers & Books","items":[{"text":"Kindle E-readers","items":[{"subtext":"Small, light, and perfect for reading","text":"All-New Kindle","url":"/dp/B00ZV9PXP2/ref=nav_shopall_1_k_ods_eink_bn/190-1842931-9831814"},{"subtext":"Our best-selling Kindle—now even better","text":"Kindle Paperwhite","url":"/dp/B00OQVZDJM/ref=nav_shopall_1_k_ods_eink_mt/190-1842931-9831814"},{"subtext":"Passionately crafted for readers","text":"Kindle Voyage","url":"/dp/B00IOY8XWQ/ref=nav_shopall_1_k_ods_eink_ie/190-1842931-9831814"},{"subtext":"Reimagined design.I will probably be buying the 16GB drive now that I know it is in fact the same flash drive. Perfectly balanced.","text":"Introducing Kindle Oasis","url":"/dp/B00REQKWGA/ref=nav_shopall_1_k_ods_eink_wy/190-1842931-9831814"},{"subtext":"Covers, chargers, sleeves and more","text":"Accessories","url":"/Kindle-Accessories-Electronics/b/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_eink_acc/190-1842931-9831814?

This Hyundai Mobile Hard Drive is the ideal storage companion for all your music, data, photos, and more!It features 4 GB capacity, USB 2.0 interface, and comes in a silver design.It also offers 4 Mbytes/sec average write speed, 4.7 Mbytes/sec average read write, and a 90-degree rotational USB cable.This compact device is Plug and Play and provides a convenient way to store and share your critical files!I've carried it in my backpack the whole time I've owned it and it still looks like new.I would recommend this to anyone looking for a well priced, durable USB thumb drive.

This drive is pretty much identical to the nicer Sandisk Cruzer Micro minus the badging, cap, and cover. Some might call the minimalist design boring but that's what makes it so durable.

What you get is a USB flash drive with 22-24 MB/s reads which is pretty fast for a cheap USB drive. Only thing I'd improve is the write speed, but it's not too bad.

Holiday Notice: The Chinese traditional Spring Festival is coming and our vacation is from Feb.

You can place orders as usual,any problem please contact us after the vacation,thanks.

I got this from my University computer store and have had it for well over a year and its still working fine.

I've installed Ubuntu off of it, used it as a storage device, and reformatted it more than once without any issues.

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