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The exact numbers we'll never know unless everyone on the planet takes the following Suggestibility Test.Physically suggestible people like to move quickly and purposefully.

As you read this you may actually see the lemon in your mind or you may just simply be thinking about the lemon in your mind, either way is perfectly ok; there is no right or wrong way to imagine the lemon. Hypnosis is much like the daydreaming state which most people experience multiples times during a day. that there is a bright, yellow lemon sitting in your refrigerator right now. Hypnosis is simply an Alpha state of brain waves which can be measured by an EEG machine.When you're ready just pretend for a moment that you are standing in front of your fridge.Go ahead and open the door to the fridge so that you can pretend to actually see that lemon sitting on the shelf.Imagine in your mind taking that lemon into your hands and feeling the coolness of the lemon.

Try now to even imagine feeling the little dimples around the outside of the lemon. now place that lemon on a cutting board on the counter.

Very carefully pretend in your mind that you are cutting that lemon into quarters. imagine and pretend that you are taking a big, juicy bite out of that lemon.

If you noticed any one of these sensations, in either a big way or a small way, you were just hypnotized!

There obviously is no lemon in your mouth however your mouth responds as if there were by simply using your imagination. If you didn't experience anything, not even one small, tiny change (which isn't likely) this doesn't mean you can't be hypnotized it simply means there is another technique that will work better for you.

Or maybe simply reading the lemon technique on a website isn't enough for you, maybe hearing someone say these words to you would produce more noticeable results.

The population is made up of about 50% physically suggestible people and about 50% emotionally suggestible people.

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    Whether you are creative, funny, direct, or philosophical, for maximum success please avoid being cliche ("you could be the one! At the end of this article you will find links to part 1 and part 2 of the series.

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