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(This was the final, complete version, but stops working 30 days from its first use.) It turns out that it takes a few weeks to get all the physical media together and into the retail channels.Quark wanted to protect retailers sales and so they wouldn’t sell Quark XPress 9 before the resellers could ship the product. Go forth and buy Quark XPress 9 from your preferred source! (If you’re using the free 30-day trial version, all your documents will be read perfectly by the retail version.) Jay Nelson - who has written 1638 posts on Planet Quark.

So the sooner you purchase, the more free membership you get!!!For £73 O Club Members will receive – 4 – 6 weeks Month Unlimited Membership (depending when you purchase) – On Ramp Induction where you will be taught all the fundamental movements ( 2 x 1.5 hour sessions) – Your name placed permanently on a wall in Cross Fit Chester – Workouts designed and named after each O Club member that will be programmed into training periodically – Free Nutrition Consultation (£50 Value) – Free Limited Edition CFC Tee-Shirt (£20 Value) – One free personal training session (£30 Value) After this period you can select your preferred membership.Feel free to contact us with any questions via Facebook or email [email protected]@If you do not want the O Club offer we are still offering standard membership from Jan 2014 but you will have to purchase fundamentals on ramp which is £73 this includes a full month free unlimited membership.You will then be able to drop down to your preferred membership See you soon CFC Team This week’s workout, to have a go at home is based on one of the most popular Cross Fit benchmark Wods…Cindy Modified Cindy: In 20 min As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) – 5 Hands off Ground Press Ups (or Hand Stand Press Ups) – 10 Diamond Sit Ups – 15 Squats Good Luck Cross Fit Chester Some experienced Cross Fitters will know this workout…..12.1 12.1 is the first Cross Fit Open workout of 2012 it consisted of: As Many Reps As Possible in 7 Minutes of: Burpees For this purpose please ensure your chest touches the floor and you finish the burpee with a jumping clap to ensure full hip extension.

It is a nasty workout but also a good bench mark WOD that we will programme in New Year at Cross Fit Chester.

I asked Quark about why they didn’t begin selling Quark XPress 9 through their online store when they released the final version of Quark XPress 9 on April 6th.

We are pleased to announce we are opening our doors for O Club members on Monday 16th December.

We will have another official opening date in the new year.

As some of you may be aware we are offering the O Club to all, which can be purchased online from our website .

The O Club offer closes 1st January 2014 but if you purchase from 16th December you get the last 2 weeks in December free (we will be closed on Bank Holidays).

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